Scrolling: The Story

scroll scroll

A short story about scrolling. Expect a lot of scrolling.

Scroll Scroll.

This was endless. The internet may be as vast as the ocean, but it sure gets boring here. Especially when you’ve got a lot of free time. So much for “Time is Money”. I’d probably spend just to release myself from this boredom.

Scroll Scroll, Click.

All those people with too little time have it easy; at least they’re doing something productive and contributory to the community. Try as I might to change this lifestyle, I’m already too engrossed by the mesmerizing monitor in front of me to even consider going out.

Scroll. Scroll, Scroll.

Games, I’ve tried them all. Well, of course not all the games, but they usually were repetitive to the point that it gets idiotic.


The sound of the mouse wheel scrolling got annoying. But that didn’t stop me from scrolling away. With each scroll was a hope for a better future, or more realistically, anything better than the one just above.


If you think about it, our whole lives are pretty just like this scrolling business. Everything, every page, has been set before you, and all you can do is to hope that things get better with the next scroll. Wow, I am so bored that even simply scrolling becomes a deep art, unfit for the weak-minded.

Scroll, scroll, scro–

Blink Blink.

“Is… is this the end of my long journey?”

I couldn’t believe what I saw before my eyes. There it was, the promised “Interesting Site”, just beyond the computer screen.

I gulped.

It was a long and hard-fought battle, I can’t afford to lose now! I reassured myself. I wasn’t so weak-minded to be fazed by some link on the internet.

My hands shook as I moved the arrow to the link in question. But as soon as I did this, second thoughts started to linger on my mind. Am I even worthy of this? What if this was all a lie? Will I even have a girlfriend at this rate?


Never shall I allow such fallible ideas to hinder me.

Never shall I waver once again in front of the promised link.

Never shall I hide from my destiny ever again!

I held my breath. Time seemed to stop as my index finger made contact with the mouse’s left button. Now the only thing left was a little push.

“One small click for me, one giant fun ride for me again.”

And with those words, I resigned to my fate.


Well then, there you go! An impromptu story written for about 30 minutes. Okay, I’ll admit I just wrote this to have at least one post at this empty blog.

Thanks for reading this!



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