Now? Later!: The Story

I’ll look for a suitable picture for this story later.

We all procrastinate. Website, magazine, knitting project, TV show, something else — what’s your favorite procrastination destination?

The question presented was a very weird one, in many ways. My sister and I were browsing some magazines from a year ago, when a page decided to ask such a question. Maddie seemed at bit interested, so she jumped at the idea and asked my opinion.

“What is your favorite procrastination destination, brother dear?”

“Isn’t this magazine already a procrastination destination?” I asked curiously, trying to comprehend the point of asking such a thing. This was way too meta.

“Oh come on. Your lifestyle right now is only composed of procrastination, staring at the computer for days straight, so this question would be easy for you, right?”

Is that how she viewed me?

I tried to steer the discussion away from my lifestyle of browsing the internet all day. “Whatever. So, what do you think of the question, Maddie? What do you do when you procrastinate?”

“Me?” She gave it a thought. “I don’t know, talking with you? I don’t really procrastinate that much, you know. Once I have a job, I’ll have the job done in no time.”

As expected from a hard-worker.

It seemed like Maddie wasn’t done yet with her opinion. “But still, procrastination sure is fun. I mean, it may be a negative trait, but it still has it’s benefits. You know, like how we sometimes hit a dead end, then after a few hours of procrastination, suddenly get the power to overcome it?”

“Well, you do have a point,” I said as I read more on the topic. Many answered the usual hobbies, some obscure arts no one has ever heard of before, and of course let’s not forget the occasional answer called the internet.

“So, since we don’t have anything to discuss, why don’t we discuss procrastination?” Maddie suggested, probably bored at reading magazines. “Is procrastination a human trait? Procrastination, in a sense, is simply diverting yourself from the main goal, which I suppose everyone does.”

I gave my opinion. “I don’t know, there usually are tasks that looks insurmountable, so people falter and head to other places. That’s how it works for me, at the very least.”

“Yeah, that’s supposed to be the essence of procrastination. But is it simply just that?” She widened her eyes in enlightenment. “Of course not!”

“Maddie, stop before you go to the point where you just can’t sto–”

“Procrastination? Turning away from your goals that seems unreachable? That’s not all there is to it! Why do people procrastinate? Of course because everyone just wants their everyday normal life! And once something faces them, threatening to destroy the peace of their land, they try their very best to flock to things that reminds them just how happy they once where; Time forever lost, an attempt to hold such a wonderful thing. A beautiful struggle, until they realize that a piece lost in the abyss of time can never be recovered. Procrastination is SO deep. Beautiful, if I do say so myself.”

I blinked. Twice.

“I don’t know about your speech, but I sure do hope your fine with that conclusion.”

“Anyways, brother dear, stop procrastinating and answer the question! What’s your favorite procrastination destination?”

Whoah, I didn’t even realize that. “Me? I guess blogging about our discussions and stuff.”

She flinched. “What? That is WAY too creepy, brother dear. Stop joking around.”

Little did she know about the truth…


From today’s prompt.


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