Full Disclosure: The Story


A mad scientist friend offers you a chip that would allow you to know what the people you’re talking to are thinking. The catch: you can’t turn it off. Do you accept the chip?

My everyday life was always full of surprises in one way or another, thanks to my 13-year-old sister who always loved to barge into my room for some time-wasting discussion. But today was different, very different that it almost made my hair stand up.

And what would make this day different than the others?

Why, instead of my sister stirring up trouble, this time it was a box, small enough to fit on my palm. All I knew about this box was that it came from an old friend from middle school, that one nerd girl who nobody cared about. Well, we just happened to be on the same boat, being friendless and all, so we just naturally started hanging out with each other.

Ah, memories. It was awfully sweet for her to remember me after all this years. With the small box accompanied a printed letter, the content’s validity I doubted very much.

Dear John,

Do you remember me? I hope you do, for now I shall repay you after all those years of kindness. In that box lies a chip which, theoretically, should make you read the mind of anyone. Sadly, since this is still a beta, you’ll probably have a little hard time turning it off. You’ll see once you open the box. Reply to the address for the result of your adventures!

Your Dearest Friend, Lily

A mind-reading chip, really? This whole story may be fiction, but this thing here’s borderline science fiction.

Before I could open the box in my hand, a swift hand snatched both the box and the letter. I stood there blinking, to dazed to move, until I found the culprit.

“Maddie! Stop surprising me out of nowhere!”

“Don’t blame me, brother dear, blame yourself for not being prepared.”

I frowned at her, who was reading the contents of the letter.

“Do you even know anything about privacy?”

That statement somehow made her smile more. “Oh come on, privacy is simply a concept now lost to today’s society.”

“Ha ha, sister dear, I’ll be sure to post your actions in some blog for everyone to read.”

After reading the contents, her face grew a bit more serious. Was she considering the potential of the chip? Or more probably, does she want the power to read one’s mind?

“This is interesting. A mind-reading chip, eh? This is interesting. What do you think brother, is this chip worth the try?” she asked, holding up the box on her palm. The way she said it made her look like a scammer of sorts, whose deals always had that one crucial hole.

“No way, I’m not using some dubious thing that isn’t even approved by the government. If I end up into a crazed person because of this, I would have no one to blame but myself.”

She had a look of disappointment on her face. “Let’s just say this thing works. Would you, or would you not?”

Why was she being so pushy? “Hmm, normally, one would love to read other’s minds, to know if they are lying or not. It’s a scary power, one with big responsibilities. Knowing everyone’s secrets, that person would really be pressured. So if it was me, I probably wouldn’t use that thing. What about you, Maddie?”

“Me? Well I guess, I wouldn’t take it too, although for a different reason. Everyone lies, small lies, big lies, lies  are an important part of a person. If everyone could be exposed of the truth, people will never handle the weight that come with it. So in order to reach to people, we lessen the weight of the truth, covering them with lies. We lie to ourselves to protect our ideals, we lie to others to order to either protect the status quo or gain something, we lie to everyone to advance our status. That’s a trait of humanity, I guess. To move forward, no matter what it takes.”

What was she talking about, being that philosophical and all. “So technically, this letter just wants to see our views on the hard truth?”

“Of course not. It wants you to become a test subject for an experiment!” she said cheerfully.


Dear Lily,

Yeah, I remember you alright. I’m quite honored you still remember me, though. Anyways, what in the world are you trying to pull here? All that was placed in the box was a potato chip, with a paper that says ‘eat me’. My sister Maddie laughed though, and said that you were trying to tell me something deep. How could someone relate a potato chip and the subject of reading minds? So I’ll take this as a practical joke from an old friend, who just wants to see how each other’s doing. Well’ I’m fine here by the way. Thanks to that potato chip, I had a pretty good discussion about the nature of lies with my sister. Thanks for sending me a letter.

Your Friend, John


But seriously, mind reading and that potato chip inside the box actually has a connection. But nah, that’ll be a story for another time. From today’s prompt.


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